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The goal of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF) is to ensure that all children have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and that they have the tools that make this possible. To achieve this, AALF helps schools develop visionary leadership and knowledgeable, innovative educators.

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A blueprint for transforming where, when, and how young people learn


2 DAYS ONLY - JUNE 1st AND 2nd

Not a checklist or set of instructions for an easy-to-assemble, 21st century school, the #AnytimeAnywhereLearners guide lays out a road map designed to help you, as district or school leader, determine what you need to know and do at each step of your 1:1 planning and development process. Written by Bruce Dixon, President and Co-founder of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation(AALF), and Susan Einhorn, AALF Executive Director, this in depth guide, with links to hundreds of additional resources, will help you make critical decisions, know the strategic questions to ask, understand what will be required of district personnel and school leadership, and have realistic expectations about what the outcomes will be.


Available in print and Kindle versions from Amazon.


#AnytimeAnywhereLearners Kindle version will be available from Amazon at NO COST on June 1st and 2nd. To get your copy, go to Amazon on June 1st or 2nd.



AALF is always working on extending our capacity to help educators start and sustain effective 1-to-1 programs. To do this, we've put together 1to1Startup.org.

1to1Startup.org complements the advice and support available from the foundation by providing resources and tools we and our partners have been using in a "do-it-yourself, tailor to your needs" format.

We recognize that, while transformation is the ultimate goal, to get there, it's essential to first address classroom realities. This calls for a range of resources that meets the needs of ALL teachers, not just the innovation leaders that every school has. While early adopters play a critical role, programmatic success requires you quickly get all teachers engaged and actively involved.

This range of resources must appeal to teachers at every level of technology familiarity. And they should sit within a safe and challenging blended learning environment that supports collaboration and personalization. And so was born 1TO1STARTUP.ORG.


Go to 1to1Startup.org.

Or call 1.800.979.0373, Option 3.


-- A Policy Agenda for a 21st-Century Education, a white paper co-authored by AALF president, Bruce Dixon, and AALF Executive Director, Susan Einhorn, examine the challenges and policy decisions of a large number of high profile, large-scale initiatives around the world policies. Through this analysis, the authors identify six key policy priorities that allow educational leaders to provide learning opportunities that leverage the digitally-rich world in which young people today are growing up and that, together, could be called 'world's best practice.'

Click here to download the whitepaper!

-- We always mention the importance of a meaningful, clearly understood vision as well as the mission statement that encapsulates how you'll achieve it. But too many of these statements are a collection of buzzwords with little or no shared understanding or consideration around what these words mean. In a provocative article, Scott McLeod writes that many mission statements claim to be helping students become self-motivated learners, but few really create a learning environment that supports the development of intrinsic motivation or even discuss what that would entail. Check it out at The fiction of most school mission statements.

-- Looking for some ideas to help you develop and implement a curriculum focused on project-based learning? You may want to check out this article about It's the Kids Academy. According to their website, It's the Kids is an online academy focused on "...project based learning based on the EFG (eco ed, future ed, and global ed) real world learning model, the latest applied technologies, and partnerships with parents and the entire community."

-- Are schools an example of "trying to do the wrong thing right?" Will Richardson addresses this question, the implications of following this path, and how and why schools need to change. If you have time to read only one article today, this is the one to read - We're Trying To Do "The Wrong Thing Right" in Schools, and check out this video interview of Russell Ackoff, author of Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting Education Back on Track (paperback).

-- How do people learn? Are your teaching practices designed to support learning in the way your students learn? Have you asked yourself these questions? To see how one school approached these questions, start by reading 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning: Learning and Teaching at Princes Hill Primary School. Then, you may want to check out this book by Susan Blum entitled "I Love Learning; I Hate School" to see what one university professor learned when she asked herself these questions.

-- Over the last few years, AALF has been quietly working with 1:1 schools and school districts who are looking to see if they are on track and meeting their goals. Click here to read about AALF 1:1 Audit and Review Services and how it can support your work.

-- Check out Reflections on Mathematical Thinking From a (Formerly) Math-Averse Art Historian about some of the artificial roadblocks we set up in education and how one person overcame them.

-- We're pleased to announce The End of School As We Know It a new book by AALF President Bruce Dixon. In it, the author challenges school administrators and leaders to let go of their assumptions about the relevance of traditional schooling in learners' lives and critically reevaluate the effectiveness of their current methods. This book is an essential starting point for school leaders who recognize the need to re-imagine school for today's learners.

-- AALF's Integrated Learning Support Services Click here to read more about our unique learning support services, and how they can assist you in your 1:1 journey!

-- For some great reads on education, technology, and creativity have a look at our AALF Bookstore where you'll find a collection of fantastic titles sure to inspire!



Bishops Diocesan College

Adapted from the bookTransforming Learning, An Anthology of Miracles in Technology-Rich Classrooms, Michael King of Bishops Diocesan College in South Africa, describes his first year as a 1:1 educator.

Click here to read about Michael's reflections on that first year.


AALF 1:1 Coaching and Professional Development Supporting Educators as they Do Something Previously Not Thought Possible

AALF coaches help support districts and site educators to develop their leadership skills, implement a professional development plan, and design the foundation of a successful 1:1 program. To learn more about the many ways in which AALF coaches can help shape and guide your 1:1 program, click here to read what Karen Ward, Manager of Coaching and Professional Development services at AALF, has to say!

By: Karen Ward, AALF Coaching
October 2, 2013

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