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The goal of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF) is to ensure that all children have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and that they have the tools that make this possible. To achieve this, AALF helps schools develop visionary leadership and knowledgeable, innovative educators.


-- In celebration of the 25th anniversary of 1:1, we virtually sat down with Methodist Ladies' College Deputy Head of the Junior School Steve Costa, who taught in one of the first 1:1 classrooms. Steve's insights are a must-read for any teacher or school leader in the field today.

-- MLC Director of Educational Technology Leon Guss, share with us the compelling history of technology at MLC, detailing the technological decisions they've made along the way, and why.

-- Over the last few years, AALF has been quietly working with 1:1 schools and school districts who are looking to see if they are on track and meeting their goals. Click here to read about AALF 1:1 Audit and Review Services and how it can support your work.

-- AALF Communications Manager, Justina Spencer, recently attended the The Design, Deploy, & Transform workshop in Ottawa, Ontario, designed to walk educators and school leaders through best practices of 1:1 initiatives and prompt discussion around 21st century learning. Be sure to read about what was a dynamic and jam-packed two-day event!

-- The recently published whitepaper, A Policy Agenda for a 21st-Century Education, co-authored by AALF president, Bruce Dixon, and AALF Executive Director, Susan Einhorn.

This paper examines what policies can be developed that will allow educational leadership to provide learning opportunities that leverage the digitally-rich world in which young people today are growing up in? By examining the challenges and policy decisions of a large number of high profile, large-scale initiatives around the world, it is possible to identify six key policy priorities that together could be called 'world's best practice'.

Click here to download the whitepaper!

-- AALF's Integrated Learning Support Services Click here to read more about our unique learning support services, and how they can assist you in your 1:1 journey!

-- We've set up an EdWeb community for our AALF members to connect with one another. We'd love to have you join the conversation! Be sure to check out the 1:1 infographic "The Independent Learner" posted by a recent participant in our We've Got Laptops Now What?! online course. It's sure to be helpful for all 1:1 educators.

-- The complete database of articles on 1:1 and education published by AALF


Check out Audrey Watter's article about the 25th anniversary of 1:1 here. She quotes the words of David Loader, principal of the first laptop school:

From the introduction of laptops, monumental consequences flowed. A school, its culture, curriculum, and teaching-learning paradigm began to be transformed.

Can we say the same today?


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Happy 25th, 1-to-1!

Susan Einhorn | January 5

How long does it take for a new idea to take hold in education? It was 25 years ago – a quarter century– that the first laptop program was started. We’ve talked about the beginning of 1-to-1 in earlier posts – started in one school in Australia – not only at an all girls school, but in...

A Note On Our New Partnerhsip

Bruce Dixon | September 16

For many years now, the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation has provided thought leadership, advocacy, and a range of resources and information to educators and school leaders across the globe in support of their 1:1 initiatives. Most recently, Susan wrote to tell you of a White Paper that we...

New Initiatives and Partnerships for AALF

Bruce Dixon | June 17

As many of you are aware from previous columns, over the past two and half years, much of our time has been invested in scaling a support network for 1 to 1 initiatives across the globe. This came as a result of the success of the original 21 Steps for 21st Century Learning leader’s workshops,...

BYOD the Next Big Thing? I Do Not Think So!

Susan Einhorn | June 17

When I went to school way, way back in the previous millennium, I would find there pencils, paper, crayons, and everything I needed to do my work. As I got older, sure, I had to bring a binder as well as pens and pencils, but everything else was there for me to use. Flash forward to when my kids...

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Methodist Ladies' College

Leon Guss, Director of Educational Technology at Methodist Ladies' College in Melbourne, Australia, provides a view from today, discussing the origins of 1-to-1 computing in 1989 at his school; in addition to a number of changes the program has had to make in the wake of burgeoning technologies and innovations, MLC has also maintained various key, successful structures. Click here to read more about the history of the 1-to-1 program at Methodist Ladies' College.

Click here to read more about MLC


Mathematics Curriculum-It's Time for a Change

In this article, Nils Ahbel, a mathematics teacher at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, discusses how the majority of mathematics curricula and assessment is based on traditional Calculus "skill & drill" methods. According to Nils, more attention needs to be paid to making students quantitatively literate by focusing on topics that are relevant to their everyday lives.

Click here to read more about Nils' thoughts on quantitative literacy.

By: Nils Ahbel, Deerfield Academy
November 27, 2012

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